About the company

Our Vision

We aim to achieve global recognition as a leading supplier of rehabilitative and fitness products, and a superb range of dental dams, strengthening our brands as superior and excellent products.

Our Mission

Embracing the “kaizen” approach, we are committed to innovation and to continually improve on our products and services.

Our Core Values

We stand firm on our core values of honesty, being quality driven, customer driven and eco-conscious in each and every aspect of our business.


At Sanctuary Health, two key characteristics which define us are our technology and our people.


Our Technology

Sanctuary Health products are manufactured using Sanctech, resulting in products that are powder-free, low protein, longer lasting, more efficient, and safer.

We have a first class production system which is efficiently managed and environmentally friendly. Our facilities also include online printing and non-latex capability which gives us an edge to meet market demands. Together with the flexibility to meet customer requirements in color, size and service we personify our philosophy of being innovative in our products and in our service.


Our People

Our people make up the backbone of the company. Mindful of this, we strive to ensure they are well-cared for, treated fairly, enjoy a safe and healthy working environment, receive just wages and are protected from all harassment and discrimination.

We are against child or forced labor and practice non-discriminatory labor management.


At Sanctuary Health, we are proud that products manufactured by Sanctuary Health are high in quality and are manufactured in accordance to our Green initiatives.

Clean Emission

Sanctuary Health uses, 95% of its energy requirements from the Liquefied Petroleum Gas. As the LPG is an efficient energy source, carbon emission is almost zero.

Responsible Waste Management

  • Sanctuary Health packaging materials comprise a minimum of 50 per cent post-consumer content.
  • Recyclable waste is segregated for recycling.
  • Waste water is treated prior to discharging.
  • Chemical waste is contracted to a Licensed Waste Treatment Facility for proper disposal.


At Sanctuary Health, we are proud that products manufactured by Sanctuary Health are truly green and eco-friendly product

Atmospheric Air Renewal

  • Studies show that rubber trees planted worldwide can remove 363,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide anually, replacing it with 364,000 tonnes of oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Photosynthesis revitalizes the earth’s atmosphere and helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Renewable & Sustainable Resource

  • Backend by more than 75 years of scientific research in Malaysia, the rubber tree of the hevea brasiliensis species has been bred to the most efficient source of rubber latex. It is planted with a density of 450 trees per hectare. At the end of each lifecycle of 30 years, the trees are fell for timber and the area replanted.

Biodegradability of natural rubber

  • Natural rubber and its products biodegrade through a natural biological process.
  • Incineration of products made of natural rubber does not result in harmful gas emission, unlike those made from synthetic rubber.
  • Tested by the RRIM show that latex gloves disposed in landfill biodegrade after 2 weeks with a weight loss of 75% without impairment to the environment.