Benefits & Usage


  1. Sanctuary Dental Dam is manufactured from a latex casting technique. This technique allows very uniform thickness , thus a consistent tear tolerance on the entire area of the dam.
  2. Sanctuary Dental Dam is designed to allow very high tear tolerance. We guarantee a 10x expansion from its original punch hole. This important feature is designed for easy usage during the fixing of clamps.
  3. Unlike other dental dams, Sanctuary Dental Dams are manufactured from 100% latex with NO fillers added. This feature is critical to ensure high tensile strength and high elongation at break ( above 700% ).
  4. With the Sanctech technology, the dental dams are powderfree, thus reducing the potential of latex allergy to some patients.

Benefits of Powder Free:

Natural Rubber Latex contains the natural plant protein. Plant protein contains some allergen which may cause allergic reaction to some people. As such, by removing the powder and the protein, Sanctuary Dental Dams are safer and more comfortable for the user.

A Comparative Information Between powder-free and powdered

Sanctuary (Powder Free)

Powdered Sample

Side-by-side comparison between powdered and powder-free


1) Punch a hole in the dam based on the tooth / teeth size(s) which need to be worked on.

2) Place the clamp into the dam then stretch the dam on the frame.

3) Secure the dental dam clamp onto the tooth / teeth.

Normally, the teeth are bathed in saliva, and this is usually very beneficial to them. However, when working on the teeth, it’s better if the area is kept dry by the use of a dental dam. This enables the dentist to prepare and restore the tooth with precision.


Additionally, the state-of-the-art adhesives to use when restore the teeth require a dry environment to bond properly, so a dental dam helps to produce the best possible result.


The dental dam also works to hold the mouth open and keep the tongue out of the way. And finally, the dental dam prevents any debris from the procedure from falling to the back of throat.


When the procedure is completed, the dental dam comes right off. Dental dams are recommended to be stored in less than 40 degree Celcius, cool and dry condition.